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Jessica Veach🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


My Story

I was first introduced to Scentsy in 2010 when my mom had gifted me my first warmer. My husband and I bought countless candles that didn't last long or permeate through the home. My cat once tapped out a flame with her paw.
After that, I was turned off from traditional candles and have been using only Scentsy.

I joined the Scentsy Family in May 2011 and it's a godsend. I have made ends meet for my family, I am home with my kids, and I enjoy the friendships and memories I'm making with this business journey.
I've now earned 5 all expenses paid incentive trips, most recently was to Los Cabos Mexico in 2023.

Scentsy is home, family, financial freedom, friendships, self confidence, happiness, and so much more than could ever be put into words. 💕

What's warming in my home